1904 b. Cherves.
    French Surrealist Poet
    Son of Francois Mayoux and Marie Mayoux (nee Gouranchat), known as Josephine Bourgon, 
    French teacher, militant revolutionary, pacifist and  libertarian trade unionist.
    Great friend of Yves Tanguy and Benjamin Peret. 
    Primary school teacher, secondary school teacher and inspector of primary education.
    Militant Trade Unionist and Liberitarian.
 1937 dedicated his book Ma tete a  couper to Marcel Duchamp.
    Frontispiece by Yves Tanguy.

 1939 Called up at the start of the war, he went AWOL and was imprisoned.  
    Escaping, he was captured by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp in Ukraine.

 1945 Liberated.

 1948 Hans Bellmer provides the frontispiece for his book Au crible de la nuit.

 1956 Correspondence with Marcel Duchamp.

 1960 Signed Le manifeste des 121 ->
    against the Algerian war.

 1961 Fired from hs teaching job for encouraging draft dodging for the Algeria war.

 1965 Franklin Rosemont  wrote ''when my wife, Penelope, 
    and I went to Paris to visit Andre Breton, we found that the Surrealist 
    group was still meeting daily at a Les Halles cafe delightfully called La Promenade de Venus. 
    Twenty-five to 50 people attended these lively gatherings each evening. 
    Most of them were in their 30's;   some, like Penelope and myself, were younger. 
    Andre Breton, his wife, Elisa, Jehan Mayoux and the Czech painter Toyen 
    were the only elders among the regulars.

 1975? d. July 14th. Ussel, Haute - Loire.

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    Question & Answer:

    When I am prison door
    I offend with dynamite

    When I am rabbit
    I write with squid ink
    When I am anvil
    I will wash my clothes in the river

    Or this series of images depicting the beloved:
    more spiritual than the tide
    wiser than hastily suicide
    more naked than the foam
    more discreet than the bark of thunder
    quieter than Paris
    gayer than a grain of salt
    lighter than a knife.