1878? b. April 24th. Friberg, Switzerland.
   French painter who experimented with Orphism.
 1899? Moved to Paris.

 1915 Goes to America, first to Ohio and then New York.

 1916 In New York, he shared a studio with Marcel Duchamp and met his sister, Suzanne Duchamp.
   Friends with Francis Picabia and attends salons in the home of Walter Arensberg.
   Sept. Crotti separated from his wife, Yvonne Chastel.
   Returned to Paris.
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 1919 Divorced Chastel. 
   Marries Suzanne Duchamp.

 1920 Crotti and Suzanne along with Francis Picabia and Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, 
   submitted their work to the first postwar Salon des Independants.

 1921 April; with Suzanne Duchamp shows a series of works titled  Tabu Dada.
   April; photo in front of Notre-Dame: Jean Crotti, Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, 
   Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Benjamin Peret, Theodor Fraenkel, Louis Aragon, 
   Tristan Tzara, Jacques Rigaut Philippe Soupault, d'Esparlies 
 1958? d. Jan 30th Paris, the same day as his older brother Andre

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