1889? b. July 5th.

  1911 around this time formed great friendshipp with the writer Anna de Noailles ~>
     Through whom he met Charles De Noailles and his wife Marie-Laure de Noailles.

     About the Surrealists: Ils sont tous les petits Nietzsches

  1917 May 18th. opening of his ballet Parade by Sergei Diaghilev's ballets Russes.
    Cocteau who also designed the scenario. Music was by Erik Satie and program notes by Guillaume Apollinaire.
    Pablo Picasso designed the set, curtain and costumes.

  1919 Raymond Radiguet becomes his protege.
    With Erik Satie was the only witnesses to the marriage of Valentine Hugo to Jean Hugo.

  1922 Opens Le Boeuf sur le Toit.

  1923 Dec. Death of Radiguet.

  1925 First meets Arno Brecker ~>.

  1926 Correspondence with Gabriella Picabia.

  1930 Blood of a Poet ~> financed by Charles De Noailles and his wife Marie-Laure de Noailles.
     Only film appearance of Lee Miller.

  1932 General release of Blood of a Poet.

  1936 designed for Elsa Schiaparelli.

  1942 Private viewing of Orangerie exhibition of Arno Beker.

  1963 d. Oct 11th Milly-la-ForĂȘt, Essonne, France of a heart attack.

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