1905 b. Sainte Foy la Grande.
   The youngest of the Surrealists a French writer and Translator.

 1920 "Discovered" by Andre Breton.

 1923 Meets the surrealists.

 1924 Mentioned by Louis Aragon in Wave of Dreams.

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925.
   Member of Le Grand Jeu founded by Rene Daumal -> and whose members 
   included Claude Sernet (Fr) ->, Roger Vailland ->, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte (Fr) ->, 
   Rolland de Reneville (Fr) ->, Henri Calet (Fr) ->, Monny de Boully and .
   Spent time in Paris visiting Andre Breton, Pierre Bertaux ->, Pierre Leyris ->,
   Pierre Klossowski -> also 
   Paul Eluard, Philippe Soupault, Gilberte Lecomte?, Georges Bataille, 
   Jean Cayrol ->, Denis de Rougemont -> ,  Pierre Grapin ->,   Baladine Klossowski -> 
   mother of Pierre  and Balthasar (Balthus).

 1927 Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1928 Leaves Surrealists
   He was friends with Pierre and Gaeton Picon ->, Jacques Lesca, Raymond Guerin, 
   Robert Bordas, Daniel Rops,    Manuel Nunez de Arenas ->.
   Goes to Germany and meets Pierre Klossowski and his brother Balthus and Brice Parain ->.

 1933 Leaves Germany with Charlotte Berendt to La Gironde, Bordeaux.

 1934 m. Charlotte Berendt.

 1939 Translated Kafka helped by his wife (Who later translated Rilke ->).
   Renewed friendships with Pierre Klossowski, Pierre Leyris, Brice Parain. 
   During WWII he was active in the Resistance, his house in the Gironde serving as a
   refuge for prosecuted Jews.

 1963 d.

   L'oeuvre de Kafka a Bordeaux - Ou La vie de Jean et Charlotte Carrive a La Girarde 
   - Jutta Bechstein (2008)

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