1886 b. Sept 16th as Hans Arp in Strasbourg. 
    The son of a French mother and a German father.
    German-French sculptor, painter, poet and abstract artist 
    in other media such as torn and pasted paper.
                The Eel of the Dunes.


 1904 Left the Ecole des Arts et Metiers in Strasbourg.
    Went to Paris where he published his poetry.

 1905 - 1907 Studied at the Kunstschule, Weimar, Germany.

 1908 Returned to Paris, where he attended the Academie Julian. 

 1911 Met the painters W. Gimmi, W. Helbig and Oskar Lathy with whom he founded the 
    "Moderner Bund" ("Modern League").
    Visited Wassily Kandinsky in Munich who requested his (Arp's) collaboration on 
    the book 
    "Der blaue Reiter" ("The Blue Rider").

 1912 Poem Kaper is Dead.
    Meets and exhibits with Kandinsky, Delauney, Klee Marc, Fauconier

 1914 Met Guillaume Apollinaire, Arthur Cravan, Max Jacob, Pablo Picasso, 
    and Amedeo Modigliani in Paris.
    Around this time he became a friend of Viking Eggeling.

 1915 Moved to Weggis Switzerland, to take advantage of Swiss neutrality. 
    There he worked for some years in solitude. 
    Was one of the organizers of the first exhibition of "Der moderne Bund" 
    in Lucerne. During this exhibition he met Sophie Taeuber.

 1916 Arp was a founding member of the Dada movement and Cabaret Voltaire 
    in Zurich with Tristan Tzara; Hugo Ball, Richard Huelsenbeck, 
    Sophie Taeuber  Emmy Hennings and Hans Richter,Marcel Janco.

 1917 Created his first abstract wooden reliefs. 
    Exhibited at the first Zurich Dada exhibition.

 1918 Provides woodcuts for Tristan Tzara's 25 poemes.

 1919 Travelled to Cologne.
    Forms the group Artistes Radicaux, with Marcel Janco and among others 
    Alberto Giacometti.

 1920 Along with Max Ernst, Johannes Theodor Baargeld and the social 
    activist Alfred Grunwald, he set up the Cologne Dada group.
    La Mise au tombeau des oiseaux et des papillons   
 1922 m. Sophie Taeuber. 
    At The Rendezvous of Friends - Max Ernst
    Summer holiday with near Tarrenz with Max Ernst, Louise Straus and Jimmy, 
    Paul Eluard, Gala, Tristan Tzara.

 1923 Collaboration with Kurt Schwitters on the latter's periodical Merz.

 1925 Settles in Paris.
    His work appeared in the first exhibition of the Surrealist group at 
    the Galerie Pierre.

 1926 Collaboration with Theo van Doesburg in the transformation of the 
    Aubette building in Strasbourg.
    Arp and Taeuber moved to the Paris suburb of Meudon. 

 1927 Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1929 Meets Luis Bunuel. Adheres to Carré group.

 1930 Joined the Surrealist Group
 back row Paul Eluard, Jean Arp, Yves Tanguy, Rene Crevel
 front Tristan Tzara, Andre Breton, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Man Ray.

 1931 He broke with the Surrealism movement to found Abstraction-Creation, 
    and the periodical Transition.

 1930's and until the end of his life, he wrote and published essays and poetry.
    Introduced to Hedda Sterne by Victor Brauner and in turn introduces 
    her to Peggy Guggenheim.

 1937 Cadavre Exquis with Sophie Taeuber, Oscar Dominguez, Marcel Jean.
 1940 Fleeing the Occupation, the Arp couple takes refuge in Dordogne with 
    Gabrielle Picabia and Cesar Dormela before Peggy Guggenheim 
    welcomes them in Annecy, followed by Alberto Magnelli in an Art colony and 
    then with Sonia Delaunay in Grasse.

 1941 Contributed to first edition of resistance publication La Main a Plume.

 1942 Fled from Meudon with the help of CAS. Escaped to Switzerland. 
    Lived in Zurich until the war ended.

 1943 Sophie Taeuber-Arp, died in Zurich and he retreated to a monastary.

 1944 Peggy Guggenheim gives him an exhibition in her New York gallery 
    Art of This Century.

 1946 Returns to his workshop at Meudon.  
    Begins a relationship with Marguerite Hagenbach, an art collector.

 1947 Provides original artwork for the catalogue of Le Surrealisme en 1947 
    or Please Touch at Galerie Maeght, Paris. 

 1949 visited New York City for the first time for a solo exhibition at the 
    Buchholz Gallery.

 1952 Travels to Greece.

 1953 In Paris, he has a heart attack which considerably weakens him.

 1959 m. Marguerite Hagenbach.
    Buys a villa in Locarno-Solduno.

 1961 Travels to Egypt and Israel where he participates in an artist kibbutz.

 1966 d. June 7th. of a heart attack in Basel, Switzerland

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