1929 b. Aug 28th. in Neuilly-sur-Seine
    French Writer Poet.
 1947 Began participating with the Surrealists through Andre Breton.

 1949 - 1960 collaborated on publicacions on surrealism: "Noan" "Mediun", 
    "Le surrelissme, Meme", etc.

 1952 Publishes in several editions of anarchist journal Le Libertaire ->.
    Film with Michel Zimbacca L'Invention de monde with spoken text by Benjamin Peret.

 1954 Paris: Galerie Fursetenberg. Exhibition of Rene Bertele and 
    Dorothea Tanning with Poems by Jean-Louis Bedouin and 
    Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues.

 1960 Signed Manifesto of the 121 ->.
    Friendship with Adrien Dax.

 1961 Vingt Ans de surrealisme, 1939-1959.
    Published biography of Benjamin Peret.

 1965 Plume pour les paradisiers short story.

 1966 Published An Anthology of French Surrealist Poetry.

 1971? He started creating objects out of things he found washed up on the Oleron beaches. 

 1996? d. Paris.

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