1922 b. Nov. 27th. in Englewood, New Jersey 
    Expatriate American biographer and diarist.
 1941 Attends Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

 1942 Volunteered.

 1944 c. Sent to Paris.

 1945 March Pablo Picasso sends him to meet Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas.  

 1952 meets Alberto Giacometti at the Cafe aux Deux Magots.
    With John Rewald sets up the "Cezanne Memorial Committee" resulting in  Atelier Cezanne ->.
    Friend and confidante of Dora Maar and Marie-Laure de Noailles.

 1954 Summer with Dora Maar in her house in Menerbes.

 1957 Reveals to Marie-Laure that during her affair with Oscar Dominguez he (Dominguez) 
    replaced some of her Picasso's with forgeries he had done himself, selling the originals.

 1961 starts relationship with James Hager.

 1970 Jan. Lunch with Marie-Laure de Noailles shortly before her death. 
    Also present Jean Lafont?, Man Ray, Juliet Browner.

 1980 Publishes Giacometti: a biography ->.

 1994? Publishes Six Exceptional Women ->.

 2009 d. August 23rd.

   See obituaries NYT -> and Times ->.

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