1895 b Sept. 7th in Lorient 

 1916 Feb; In hospital in Nantes, recovering from a leg wound, met Andre Breton. 
   Vache was one of the great inspirations for Breton and was in turn possibly 
   influenced by Andre Gide becoming the living model of Lafcadio according 
   to Louis Aragon.
   May; Returned to the front as an interpreter.
   As Breton said:
   In literature, I am successively taken with Rimbaud, with Alfred Jarry, 
   with Guillaume Apollinaire, with Nouveau, with Lautreamont, but it is 
   Jacques Vache to whom I owe the most.
   Vache produced nothing. He was known for his indifference and for wearing a monocle 
   and assorted military uniforms.
   He declared art to be nonsense. He was Dada without knowing it.

 1916 - €“1918 corresponds with Theodor Fraenkel.

 1917 June; attended first performance of Guillaume Apollinaire's play 
    Les Mamelles de Tiresias with Andre Breton who restrains him from "shooting" 
    into the crowd.

 1919 -> Lettres de guerre; 
    his views continued their life in the Dadaist movement.
    The Surrealists published him in Litterature.

 1919 Jan. 6th. d. of an opium overdose in a Nantes hotel room with another 
   young man "Paul B."
   I'll die when I want to...but, I'll die with someone else. To die alone is boring.

   2007? Franklin Rosemont publishes Jacques Vache and the Roots of Surrealism.

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