1910 b. Nov 17th in Saint-Mandé, Val-de-Marne, Paris. 
 1912 joins her father, an agricultural engineer working in Cairo, Egypt. 
 1914 death of father; return to France.
   French  Painter Model and Muse
   Studied decorative arts. Nicknamed Bastille Day 

 1926 Enters School of the Union of Decorative Arts in Paris.
   Meets Dora Maar a fellow student.

 1927 Self Portrait ~>.
   death of her mother.
   Starts reading works of Andre Breton.

 1928 Produced photographs; her plates were published in the first issue of 
   the Journal Du Cinea. 

 1934 Underwater photograph  
larger ->.
   Photographed by Rogi Andre.
   She was making a living as a nude underwater dancer at the Colieum music hall 
   in Montmartre.

 1934 Meets and marries Andre Breton, his second wife. 
   He dedicates L'Amour fou and the book of poems L'air de l'eau to her. 
   Alberto Giacometti is the bride's witness, Paul Eluard the best man, 
   and Man Ray is the photographer.
   She was the subject of numerous portraits by Surrealist greats 
   Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Wifredo Lam, and Andre Masson.

 1935 Photograph -> of the Bretons by Claude Cahun. 
   Travels to Tenerife with Andre Breton and Benjamin Peret for 
   Exposicion Surrealista organized by Gaceta de arte with 
   Eduardo Westerdahl and Oscar Dominguez. 
   Shows two paintings. (uncredited).
   Dec 20th. b. of daughter Aube. 
   Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso were the first visitors.
   Photograph ~> - Dora Maar.

 1937 Breton's muse for L'Amour Fou.

 1938 January; exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme? at the 
   Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris;  Organizers Andre Breton, Marcel Duchamp  
   Cadavre Exquis with Yves Tanguy and Breton. See ->.
   April: Goes to Mexico with Breton; Leaving Aube with Andre Masson and his 
   wife Rose.
   There she meets Diego Rivera, and Leon Trotsky ->, and becomes close 
   friends with Frida Kahlo.
   Aug. The Bretons return to France.

 1939 Spends the summer with Aube first at Claude Cahun`s in Jersey, 
   then joining Breton, Yves Tanguy, Roberto Matta, Esteban Frances, 
   Gordon Onslow Ford and Kay Sage in the Castle of Chemillieu in the Ain 
   district. (Map ~>).
   When Breton is mobilized she is with Aube in Antibes with Dora Maar and 
   Pablo Picasso, and then with Marie Cuttoli -> 

 1940 Beginning of the year Jacqueline and Aube go to Royan (Map ~> with 
   Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso. 
   When Breton is demobilized they join him at the home of Pierre Mabille and 
   yhen move into an abandoned house on the beach in Martigues.
   Sept. move into Villa Air-Bel in Marseille, a house rented by Varian Fry.
   They meet up with Benjamin Peret, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, 
   Jacques Herold, Andre Masson, and Wifredo Lam. 
   During the long wait for the visas they entertain themselves with collective 
   games organised by Breton. 
   In the Jeu de Marseille (Marseille Card Game), a new surrealist game of 
   Tarot, Jacqueline draws the wheel, the revolution ace, Baudelaire  and the 
   genius of Love. See (1) ->; and (II) ->.
   Other cards were created by Andre Breton, Oscar Dominguez, 
   Victor Brauner, Max Ernst, Jacques Herold, Wifredo Lam, 
   Andre Masson, and (Frederic Delanglade not used).

 1941 With Breton and Aube leave France by ship financed by 
   Peggy Guggenheim and with the assistance of Varian Fry and CAS. 
   Travel with Wifredo Lam, Helena Holzer, Victor Serge, and his 
   son Vlady Serge. 
   Also on board was Claude Levi Strauss ~>.
   On arrival in Martinique they were placed in an internment camp for a week.
   Meet Aime Cesaire. 
   May 16th. left Martinique with the Massons, Lam and Holzer 
   for the Dominican Republic where they visited the Spanish surrealist painter, 
   poet, and essayist Eugenio Granell.
   June 12th departed for New York. 
   She contributes to four issues of VVV.

 1942 meets David Hare cousin of Kay Sage. 
   He had offered to sponsor the family in America.
   Friends with Sonja Sekula.
   Exhibits at ''Objects - Drawings - Photographs - Collages, 1910 - 1942 at 
   Peggy Guggenheim's Art of this Century Gallery
   In Spite of Everything, Spring ~>.

 1943 Jan; Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's Art 
   of this Century, New York.
   Confidence in her painting undermined by Roberto Matta and she destroyed 
   many of her paintings.
   Separated from Breton.
   Painted Behind the Sun ~>
   Spring : Stays in Mexico with Frida Kahlo for 7 months.
   Frida paints The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened ~>.
   Visits Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Benjamin Peret, 
   Esteban Frances, Alice Rahon and Wolfgang Paalen. 
   David Hare joins them to wards the end of her stay.

 1944 April: First one-woman exhibition at the Norlyst Gallery, New York.

 1945 Officially divorced.

 1946  m. David Hare.
    Andre Breton destroys all her work in his possession.
    Jacqueline and david share an exhibition at the San Francisco 
    Museum of Modern Art.

 1947 Returns to France. 
    Reunion with Dora Maar in Menerbes, (Map ~>) 
    and with Pablo Picasso in Antibes and Vallauris.
    Provides original artwork for the catalogue of Le Surrealisme en 1947 
    or Please Touch at Galerie Maeght, Paris. 

 1948 Son Merlin born. Breaks with Surrealism.

 1949 Journeys to Mid-West.

 1950 Splits with David Hare.

 1955 Returns to Paris.

 1957 Summer in Gordes, with Andre Lhote.

 1978? Works closely with Franklin Rosemont who publishes 
    What is surrealism? : Selected writings / Andre Breton.

 1993? July 20th. d. Rochecorbon, Indre-et-Loire.

   See wiki (Fr.) -> and bio ->.
   See Info -> 
   See Photo - bio ~>.

   See Timeline