1886 b. February 22nd. in Pirmasens in Germany.  
    German Writer and Poet and one of the founders of the Dada movement.

 1913  Emmy Hennings at Cafe Simplicissimus in Munich.

 1915 May; with Hennings moves to Zurich.
   Publishes his anti war poem Totentanz - dance of Death


 1916 Founder of Cabaret Voltaire with Richard Huelsenbeck, Tristan Tzara 
   Emmy Hennings Jean Arp, Marcel Janco, Sophie Taeuber.

 1917 Karawane- >. 
   June; Breaks with Dada.

 1920 m. Emmy Hennings.

 1926 Photographed with Emmy in Obino.
 1927 Published his diaries from 1910-1921 La fuite hors du temps.
   d. September 14th. in Sant'Abbondio, Switzerland.

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