1927 Publishes Voyageur anonymously written by Louis Aragon. 

 1928 - 1931 Private printing press and publisher set up by Nancy Cunard.
   Set up in La Chapelle-Réanville, Normandy.

 1929 La Chaisse de Snarke a translation by Louis Aragon.

 1930 Apollinaire - Walter Lowenfels with covers designed by Yves Tanguy.
   Twenty Poems Less  and Four Unposted Letters both by Laura Riding -> with 
   covers by Len Lye.
   Collected Poems by John Rodker; covers by Len Lye.
   A Draft of XXX Cantos - Ezra Pound.
   Henry Music -> anthology with cover by Man Ray.

 1931 John Banting designs cover of First Poems by his good friend Brian Howard.

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   These Were the Hours -> - Nancy Cunard (1969). 

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