1923 b. Biel, Switzereland.
   Swiss - Photographer

 1948 Diploma.
   Established her own studio in Lausanne.
   Influenced by Lautreamont

 1949 Assisted by Man Ray exhibited at La Hune in Paris, 
   Attracting the attention of Andre Breton.

 1950 Collaborated with Rene Char and Albert Camus, who provided their 
   text for a project entitled La posterérité du soleil 

 1957 Published Mediterranees ~>. See also ~>

 1963 Published A la rêveeuse material with Francis Ponge.

 1965 La posterérité du soleil published.

   Travels for photographic projects in the United States, Spain, Austria, Iceland, 
   Czechoslovakia and Italy, notably to Venice,

 1970's Nude studies.

 1986 Feb. 25th. d. Lausanne. Suicide.

   See work ~> and wiki ~>.

   See Timeline