1899? May 24th. b. in Namur
   Belgian Poet Writer Painter.

 1919 Began studying Medecine but soon abandoned it.

 1922 After reading Lautreamont he began writing. Met Claude Cahun.

 1925 Met Paul Klee, Max Ernst and Giorgio de Chirico.

 1927 - 1937 Travelled through South America and Asia.

 1930 Meets Agnes Capri.
     Friend of Gaston Ferdiere.

 1937 Joined Claude Cahun and Suzanne Malherbe? in Jersey.

 1939 Visited Brazil for two years.

 1943 m. Marie Louise Ferdiere.

 1948 Marie Louise dies in a fire.
     Meets Alain Jouffroy.

 1950's Michaux began experimenting with hallucinatory drugs especially Mescaline.

 1953 Meets Joyce Mansour. 

 1954 Meets Unica Zurn. 

 1960's Made a film about hashish and mescaline.

 1962? Gave an anthology of poems by Kabir, to his friend Octavio Paz on his 
     transfer to India.

 1984 Oct. 19th. d. Paris.

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