1869? b.
    Co-founder of Fauvism with Andre Derain.

 1900 visits Auguste Rodin ~> in his Paris studio but rejects the elder 
    artist’s sculptural style.

 1904 Met Picasso possibly in the Bateau Lavoir.
    Around this time was friends with Edward_Steichen.

 1911 Met Jacqueline Barsotti who possibly modelled for him.

 1920 One of the sponsors of Balthus. 
    An Inspiration to Andre Breton.

 1924 Named by Andre Breton in the Manifesto of 1924.

 1930 Birth of Pierre.

 1931 Association with Albert Skira.

 1936 Contributed to Minotaure.

 1945 Contributed to Portfolio.

 1932 Meets Andre Masson.

 1944 Photographed -> by Henri Cartier-Bresson. 

 1948 Photographed -> by Gisele Freund.

 1954 d.

 1971? Louis Aragon publishes his complete biography of Henri Matisse.

    See wiki -> and web ->.

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