1909 Sept 29th in New York.
   American-French - Painter and Engraver.

 1927 Studied in Boston.

 1930 Arrives in Paris. Studies at studio of Amedee Ozenfant.

 1935 Met Christine Boumeester in Paris.

 1936 Meets and becomes friends with the Marxists Juan Brea and Mary Low
    Mixes with Raoul Ubac, Benjamin Peret and Oscar Dominguez. 

 1937 Exposision with Christine at galerie Bonaparte.

 1938 Meets Andre Breton.

 1940 Leaves Paris for a few months and joins with Rene Magritte and 
    Raoul Ubac in Carcassonne ?? 

 1941 Back in Paris works with Raoul Ubac and Christian Dotremont 
    on La Main a Plume.

 1942 With Christine, illustrates La Femme facile for Georges Hugnet.
    Now in Nice, illustrates for Francis Picabia becoming frinds also with 
    Alberto Magnelli, Jean Arp and Nicolas de Staël.

    Active in the Resistance, forging papers.

 1945 Returned to Paris.
    Worked for a National radio program called The World of Paris.

 1947  Part of Le groupe surréaliste photographed at galerie Maeght.
    Film Portrait de Henri Goetz.

 1949 Granted French Nationality.

 1983? Museum Musée Goetz-Boumeester opened in Villefranche-sur-Mer.  

 1989 Aug. 12th d. Nice.

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