1908 b. Aug 22nd in Chanteloup-en-Brie, Seine-et-Marne, France
   French Photographer and Painter
 1920 Starts painting.

 1926 student of Jacques-Émile Blanche ~>.
   Dora Maar was a fellow student.
   Introduced to Gertrude Stein, Rene Crevel, and Max Jacob

 1927 Studied at the Andre Lhote Academy.

 1928 - 1929 attended the University of Cambridge.
   Around this time met Max Jacob and Elie Faure ->
   and formed friendships with Rene Crevel and Max Ernst.

 1929 affair with Caresse Crosby.

 1930 Influenced by Hungarian photojournalist -> Martin Munkacsi -> , specifically 
   this ->image. 
   Buys his first Leica camera.
   Leaves Paris for Africa.

 1932 photos exhibited at Julien Levy Gallery in New York and at the Ateneo Club in Madrid.
   Meets Leonor Fini. 
   From the beginning of his Career until his death he was always supported by Teriade.

 1933 Toured Europe by car with Leonor Fini and  André Pieyre de Mandiargues.
   Photographed of a headless Fini nude in a swimming pool.
 1934 In Mexico, he shared an exhibition with Manuel Alvarez Bravo. 
   Met a young Polish intellectual, a photographer "Chim" -> David Seymour; 
   they both shared a studio with -> Robert Capa. 

 1935 Traveled to USA.

 1936 Acted in Jean Renoir's film Partie de campagne.

 1937 Returns to Paris. Exhibited at Pleiade with Wols, Man Ray
    Married a Javanese dancer, Ratna Mohini.

 1938 Directed L’Espagne Vivra. Documentary on the Spanish Civil War.

 1939 Actor and assistant in Jean Renoir's La Règle du jeu.

 1940 Captured at St. Dié in the Vosges Mountains and imprisoned with forced labour.

 1943 Escaped.

 1944 Photographed Henri Matisse - -> photo.

 1945 Published in Portfolio.

 1946 Together with Ratna stayed in a railroad apartment belonging to James Dugan, 
    located almost under the Queensboro Bridge in New York.

 1947 Together with Robert Capa, David Seymour, and George Rodger founded -> Magnum Photos 
    Went to work in India and China.

 1952 Published Images à la sauvette (The Decisive Moment). 
    A portfolio of 126 of his photos from the East and the West. 
    The book's cover was drawn by Henri Matisse. See Video.

 1955 Publication of The People of Moscow ~>.

 1966 Leaves Magnum and goes back to occasional painting.

 1967 Divorces Ratna Mohini.

 1970 Married Martine Franck-> 

 1983? Gordes Pen and Ink.
 1988? Anna.
 1997? Three Poems from Les Fleurs du Mal -> ~ Charles Baudelaire ~ Four Photogravures 
    by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

 2004? d. August 3rd. in Montjustin. Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

    Notable portrait subjects
    * Avigdor Arikha
    * Balthus
    * Simone de Beauvoir
    * Samuel Beckett
    * Leonard Bernstein
    * Alexander Calder
    * Albert Camus
    * Truman Capote
    * Coco Chanel
    * Colette
    * Marcel Duchamp
    * William Faulkner
    * Leonor Fini
    * Martine Franck
    * Mahatma Gandhi
    * Jean Genet
    * Alberto Giacometti
    * Julie Harris
    * Langston Hughes
    * Isabelle Huppert
    * John Huston
    * Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio
    * Martin Luther King, Jr
    * Carson McCullers
    * Arthur Miller
    * Marilyn Monroe
    * Pablo Neruda
    * Richard Nixon
    * Robert Oppenheimer
    * Pablo Picasso
    * Katherine Anne Porter
    * Ezra Pound
    * Jean Renoir
    * Jean-Paul Sartre?
    * Alfred Stieglitz
    * Igor Stravinsky
    * Kenzo Tange
    * Elsa Triolet
    * Harry S. Truman
    * Malcolm X

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