1879  28 May. b Paris 
      French writer involved with Dada

  1898 Art student at the Académie Julian

      Friends with Gertrude Stein introducing her to Pablo Picasso.   
      She mentions him in ``The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas´´.
      Friends with Max Jacob, Francis Picabia, Constantin Brancusi and Marcel Duchamp.

  1916 Travelled to America with Marcel Duchamp who introduced him to Beatrice Wood.
      The Three of them started a dadist Magazine called The Blind Man.

  1924 His mistress is Yvonne Fressingeas who is also seeing Marcel Duchamp.
      In correspondence with Mary Reynolds. 

  1933 Meets Roland Penrose and Valentine Penrose on the boat returning 
      to Europe from India.

  1952 Publishes 

  1959 9th. April d.

  1962?  Release of Jules and Jim -> by Francois Truffaut.

     See wiki.

     See Papers -> which contain correspondence with Georges Braque, Jean Cocteau, 
     Marcel Duchamp, Marie Laurencin, Pablo Picasso, Erik Satie, 
     and Gertrude Stein.

     See Timeline