German Chemist.

 1937 Meets Wifredo Lam in Barcelona.

 1941 Aided by Varian Fry and CAS leaves France for Martinique together 
   with Wifredo,  Andre Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Aube, Victor Serge 
   and Vlady Serge.
   Interned for a week on arrival in Martinique. 
   Continued on with Wifredo and the Bretons to the Dominican Republic and then 
   went on to Cuba with Wifredo.

 1944 m. Wifredo Lam.

 1950 Divorced. Later marrying Fabian Benitez.

 1993? Wilfredo Lam - Interlude Marseille.

 1999? Wifredo Lam and Helena, my life with Wifredo Lam Acatos Publisher, Laussane 
   - Helena Benitez.

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