1910 b. August 4th. in Bucharest, Romania as Hedwig Lindenberg.
   Rumanian Painter
   Studied with Fernand Leger and Andre Lhote.
   Friend of Victor Brauner.
 1932 m. Frederick Sterne.

 1938 Her earlier surrealist collages shown at Salon des Independants where
   Victor Brauner introduced her to Jean Arp, who in turn introduced her to 
   Peggy Guggenheim.

 1942 Included in First Papers of Surrealism,  America'€™s introduction to Surrealism, 
   curated by Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp.

 1943 Jan; Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's 
   Art of this Century, New York.

 1951 Member of The Irascibles which included Jimmy Ernst.

 2011? d.

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