1889? b. November 1st. Anna Therese Johanne Hoch in Gotha, Germany. 
     German Collagist
     A pioneer of the art form that became known as photomontage.
     After her schooling, she worked in the handicrafts department for the Ullstein Verlang -> 
     designing dress and embroidery patterns.

  1915 Starts affair with Raoul Hausmann.

  1919 Involvement with the Berlin Dada Group.
     Cut with the kitchen knife 
larger ->.
  1922 Breaks with Hausmann.

  1926 - 1929 Lived and worked in the Netherlands.

  1926 Love ->.

  1926 - 1929 With the Dutch writer and linguist Til Brugman ->.

  1929 Exhibited 18 of her photos in the Film and Photo -> exhibition. 

  1938 m. businessman and pianist Kurt Matthies.

  1939 Moved to Heiligensee, a suburb of Berlin.

  1942 Separated from Matthies.

  1945 Picture Book -> (not published until 1985?).

  1958? Photographed with Hans Richter, Juliet Man-Ray, 
     Frida Richter, and Man Ray. 
  1978? d. May 31st. in Berlin.  

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