1896 b. August 27th. in Paris.
   French Poet and Portraitist.

 1931 Portrait of Ibsen.
 1932 Collaborates with the surrealists August 1st - The 12th Session 
   Investigating Sex  with Andre Breton, Paul Eluard and Yves Tanguy
   and Gui Rosey.

 1934 Signatory to Appel a la Lutte against the rise in fascism.

 1935 Pencil Portrait of Baudelaire Dedicated to Maria Canac.

 1937 Poem Epique to Andre Breton written on a portrait by Man Ray.

   Portrait of Panat Istrati.
   Portrait of Frederic Nietszche 
   Portrait in pencil of Retif de la Bretonne  
   Portrait (pencil) of Schubert with musical notation.
   Portrait de Van Beethoven, signed
   Portrait of the Spanish anarchist leader Durruti 
   Unsigned portrait (undoubedly Han Ryner (anarchist philosopher; in the folds 
   of the riding coat wrote Guerin)
   Portrait of a woman, dated and caption, signed with the intials GR, earlier drawing 
   than the preceding ones.

 1941 Last seen in Marseilles with the surrealist refugees who escaped from France.
   After then - nothing. (Aldo Pellegrini. Antologia de la Poesa Surrealista.)

 1968 Rene Magritte painted the frontispiece for a collection of Rosey's poems 
   Signes de survie aux temps d'amour

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