1899? b.  Stockholm.
   Swedish modernist visual artist, art critic, short story writer and poet.
   Studied at the School of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

 1920's Moved to Paris and became a student of the artist Andre Lhote.

 1924 Met Tristan Tzara.

 1925 m. Tristan Tzara.

 1932 Published in This Quarter.

 1930's Like Tzara, Knutson adopted surrealism. 
   She was actively engaged in surrealist games. 

 1933 Cadavre Exquis 
   with Andre Breton, Valentine Hugo, and Tristan Tzara.

   She eventually broke with surrealism to pursue her interest in phenomenology 
   and specifically in the philosophers Edmund Husserl -> and Martin Heidegger ->. 
   Her paintings were in the post-cubist abstract tradition and she also became 
   known as an art critic. 
   Knutson was a prolific writer, producing an ouvre of novellas, prose and poetry 
   and played a key-role in translating Swedish literary  works into French. 
   Her own poetry was never collected into a single volume during her lifetime.

 1939 divorced Tzara.

 1983? d. Paris.

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