1883? b. St Leonards-on-Sea, England.
   Parents Edward Pailthorpe and Lavinia Green were both members of the strictly 
   puritanical religious sect, the Plymouth Brethren ->.
   English Painter 
   Pailthorpe studied medicine at Cambridge.

 1914- 1918 Became a surgeon in Australia during World War I but rejected 
   surgery in favour of psycho-medicine. 

 1922 Returned to England
   Began practicing Freudian psychoanalysis on female prisoners.

 1928 She founded the first worldwide institute devoted to the scientific 
   treatment of delinquency; later named the Portman Clinic; its vice-presidents 
   included Alfred Adler ->, Otto Rank ->,  Carl Jung->,  H. G. Wells and Sigmund Freud?. 

 1932 There she began studying psychological medicine and published ''Studies 
   in the Psychology of Delinquency''.
   This publication was followed by another study on What We Put in Prison and in 
   Preventive and Rescue Homes. 
   Both publications caused a scandal in the profession as they suggested that people 
   could learn from delinquents, children and madmen.

 1935 Met the surrealist artist Reuben Mednikoff  at a party given by Victor Neuberg ->, 
   a satanist and lover of Aleister Crowley ->
   Mednikoff later changed his name by deed-poll to Richard or "Ricky" Pailthorpe. 
   He introduced her to the use of automatism in Surrealist art and encouraged 
   her to produced her own drawings and poems.
   Visited by Wolfgang Paalen and Yves Tanguy.

 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition in London. 
   Her drawings were greatly admired by Andre Breton. 
   She contributed to the London group's events and published drawings in the surrealist 
   review London Bulletin.
   Pailthorpe and Mednikoff were hailed as "the best and most truly Surrealist" 
   of any artists living in Britain by Andre Breton.  
   Herbert Read ranked them alongside William Blake and Lewis Carroll -> in the canon of 
   British "super-realists". 
   Desmond Morris said they created some of the most "serious and important works" of the day.

 1938-1939 published her article The Scientific Aspect of Surrealism . 
   Joint exhibition with Mednikoff at Peggy Guggenheim'¬ôs Guggenheim Jeune gallery.

 1940 Expelled from the British Surrealist Group by it's leaders, Roland Penrose 
   and Edouard Mesens.
   Moved to USA for eight years mainly on the West Coast.
   Most of her work has disappeared.

 1971? d. Hastings, England of cancer

   Sluice Gates of the Mind: The Collaborative Work of Pailthorpe and Mednikoff ->
   - Leeds Museums & Galleries.

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