1920 b. in Istanbul of a Greek father and Italian mother.
  Moved to Paris in early childhood.
  French Poet.

 1934 Published in Minotaure and Documents 34?.

 1935 Discovered by Andre Breton and Paul Eluard. 
    Published her book La Sauterelle arthritique with a preface by Paul Eluard 
    and a photograph by Man Ray. 
     Reading her poetry. (Photo: Man Ray)
  L-R Mario Prassinos ->, Andre Breton, Henri Parisot, Paul Eluard, Benjamin Peret, 
     Rene Char, Gisele Prassinos

 1937 Poem titled Hans Bellmer.

 1940 Included in Andre Breton's Anthologie of humor noire.
    Some writings translated into English by David Gascoyne.

 1946 Illustrated -> a translation of Lewis Carroll's Hunting of the Snark.

 1961 Story titled La mante.

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