German Jewess, intellectual and writer, sociologist, historian of photography, 
   a socialist, and photographer. 
 1912 b. Dec 19th in Schöneberg.

 1933 Fled Germany.

 1935 Met Adrienne Monnier who published her thesis on photography.

 1936 Stays with Adrienne Monnier and Sylvia Beach.

 1937 Living with Adrienne Monnier.

 1939 With Monnier's assistance, Freund photographed some of the greatest literary 
   and artistic figures of the twentieth century: Simone de Beauvoir ->, 
   Jean-Paul Sartre ->,   James Joyce, Samuel Beckett,   
   T. S. Eliot ->, Virginia Woolf ->, 
   Jean Cocteau, Andre Breton, Colette?, Andre Malraux ->, 
   Paul Valery, and Sylvia Beach.

 1940 She fled occupied Paris for southern France where she lived underground 
   two years.

 1942 Escapes to Argentina through the intervention of her friend Andre Malraux ->,
    at the invitation of Victoria Ocampo -> director of the periodical Sur 
    in Buenos Aires.
    Photographed Jorge Luis Borges -> and Pablo Neruda. 

 1944 Documentary reportage and films on remote areas such as Tierra del Fuego 
    and Patagonia.

 1947 Signed a contract with Magnum Photos.

 1948 Photographed Henri Matisse (See).

 1950 Time published some of her photos of Evita -> (Eva Peron).

 1952 Invited to lecture in Mexico. 
    Became friends with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo and stayed for two years.

 2000? d.  March 31st. Paris.

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