1874? b. February 3rd.  
    American, Thinker, Writer and Art Patron who spent most of her life in Paris.

    The surrealists are the vulgarization of Picabia as Delaunay 
    and his followers and the futurists were the vulgarization of Picasso.

 1904 Meets and starts lifetime friendship with Mina Loy.

 1905 First purchase of work by Pablo Picasso.

 1907 Meets Marie Laurencin and many others from the Bateau Lavoir
     Sept; First meets Alice B Toklas.   

 1910's Friendship with Guillaume Apollinaire.

 1919 Meets Sylvia Beach.

 1920's Friendship with Georges Hugnet.

 1922 Portrait photo by Man Ray; 
    Portrait by Pablo Picasso.
 1930's Corresponded with Rene Crevel. 
    Francis Picabia was a friend.

 1933 Publishes her autobiography under the teasing title 
    The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.

 1934 Collaborated with Virgil Thomson on opera Four Saints in Three Acts with 
    African-American cast photographed by Lee Miller.

 1939 Visited by Ithell Colquhoun.

 1945 James Lord is sent to her by Pablo Picasso.

 1946 d. July 27th. Paris. 
    Buried Pere Lachaise Cemetery. 
    Toklas' name is engraved on the back of Stein's headstone.

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