When 16 or 17 m Georges Corlin and had a son Michael.

  1917 Meets and becomes mistress of Francis Picabia.
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    L-R Standing: Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Francis Picabia, unknown, Georges Auric.
 Seated) : ->Marthe Chenal, Tristan Tzara, Georges Casella, Germaine Everling, (c.1920 - 1922)

  1920 Jan. Birth of their son Lorenzo.

   1921 loaned Marcel Duchamp  not only the hat and fur-lined coat that he wears 
    in the Man Ray photo of Rrose Selavy but also her dainty hands, which she 
    uses to push the coat's collar around the artist's face while hiding the rest of herself from view.

  1922 c. Photo: - L_R Marcel Duchamp, Suzanne Duchamp, Michel Corlin, Germaine Everling, 
    Lorenzo, Francis Picabia, Jean Crotti.
   1925 Photo: - L-R Francis Picabia, Germaine Everling, Michel Corlin, Suzanne Duchamp, 
  Pablo Picasso, Jean Crotti.
    At this time she was living with Picabia in the Chateau de Mai, Mougins.

   1926 Portrait by Suzanne Duchamp.

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