1882?  b. Nov. 17th. as Charlotte Elisabeth Germaine Saisset-Schneider in Amiens.

    French - Writer  Film Maker

  1905  m. Marie-Louis Albert Dulac.

  1909 - 1913 Writer and editor for feminist journal La Francaise.

  1914 Offered position as camerawoman on Caligula by actress friend Stacia de Napierkowska (Fr.) ->

  1915 Formed production company with husband and scenarist Irene Hillel-Erlanger ->.
    Directed first film Les Soeurs enemies.

  1920 Divorced.

  1921 Travelled to United States to observe production techniques.

  1922 General Secretary of Cine-Club de France. 

  1925 The Seashell and the Clergyman based on an original screenplay by Antonin Artaud. 
    Considered by many to be the first Surrealist film. (See Video ->).

  1930's Directed newsreels for Gaumont.

  1942 d. July in Paris.

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