1905 b. Pamplona, Navarra, Spain.
    Spanish Painter and Film Maker

  1927 Photographed ~~> with Remedios Varo.

  1928 Exposición de Artistas Vascos de San Sebastián.
    They travels to Paris.

    Paints Pilotari ~>.

  1930 m. Remedios Varo in San Sebastian.

  1932 Participa en la II Exposición de Artistas Vascongados de Bilbao.
    Living in Barcelona.  Remedios Varo started an affair with Estaban Frances?
    Members of ADLAN (Amics de l’Art Nou), where they probably met Jean Arp and Man Ray

  1938 Film Don Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do - now lost. Directed José Fogués ~>.

  1939 Flees Barcelona. Internment in concentration camp of Argeles sur Mer ~>.

  ''Angustia ~> - see ~>.

  1941 Liberated and moves to Agde + Marseille.

  1942 Flees to Mexico.

  1945 Assists in setting up the ''Circulo de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

    m. Cruchaga Valdemoros - "Ikerne'' - phptographer origionally from Tudela, Navarra.

  1946 Mexico City; photographed ~> at the wedding of Leonora Carrington and Chiqui Weisz
  together with, Jose Horna, Remedios Varo, Gunther Gerszo, and Miriam Wolf. 

  1947 b. Amaya.

  1948 b. Xabier.

  1957 Worked on the movie 'The Sun also Rises'

  1963 divorces Cruchaga.

    1970's - 80's m. Asunción Lazcorreta, (See ~> poet + writer researching Remedios Varo, so that
     she could regularize her residency papers. 

  1982 d. 03 Aug in Mexico City.

  See Bio ~> Sp.
 and Catalogue ~> Sp.

  See Timeline

  2018 Blanca Ori a makes a movie ~>  a documentary about him ~>.
  see Trailor ~>.

   Adán y Eva y la serpiente