1898 b. Oct 10th in Paris as Georges Alexandre Malkine.
   French Painter
   His father was a Violinist from Odessa where George spent his childhood.
Photo Man Ray. .
 ==Later Years==   

 1914 When the war started he was in Russia.

 1917 Mobilised and sent to Ardennes front where he was wounded.

 1918 Sent to hospital Val de Grâce where he met Guillaume Apollinaire.

 1919 Met Claude-Andre Puget ->.
   Went to hunt Elephant in Africa.

 1922 Met Robert Desnos who introduced him to Louis Aragon, Andre Breton 
   and Paul Eluard.

 1923 Found employment in Nice.
   Entered into a long correspondence with Robert Desnos.

 1924 Photo -> 
   L-R Robert Desnos, Andre Breton, Malkine, Max Morise, Simone Breton Collinet.
    Mentioned by Louis Aragon in his Wave of Dreams. 
    The only Painter to have his automatic writing published in the first edition (Dec) 
    of La Revolution Surrealiste.

 1925 Only painter to sign the Declaration of January 27 1925.
    In Cannes he met Francis Picabia, then in Paris he met Jacques Prevert, 
    Marcel Duhamel, and Yves Tanguy.  

Larger ->.
 1926 Portrait of Robert Desnos
    Painting Nuit D'amour was the precursor of the lyrical abstract school of painting.
    Made definitive move to Paris. 
    Affair with Caridad de Laberdesque ->.

 1927 His exhibition at the Galerie Surrealiste was a great success. 
    Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.
    Illustrates Robert Desnos's poem, The Night of Loveless Nights.

 1929 probably met EE Cummings -> and 
    Anne on their honeymoon trip to Paris 
    Travelled to Tahiti with Yvette Ledoux, Gwen Le Gallienne and 
    Emile Savitry. 
    Started painting again.  La Femme Tatouee.
     and La Femme Couchee.

 1930 Man Ray photograph of him kissing his wife, who wore her hair short, like a man's. 
    This  photo included Malkine, his wife Yvette, Andre de la Riviere ->, 
   Robert Desnos, and the sculptor Andre Lasserre ->.

 1931 m. Yvette Ledoux. 
    Signed Font Rouge in support of Louis Aragon.
    Friendship with Antonin Artaud, Georges Neveux and  Claude-Andre Puge ->.

 1932 Met Patrick Waldberg who stayed a friend for life.

 1933 EE Cummings and Marion Morehouse ->entertained Malkine and Yvette while living in Paris.
   Stopped painting.

 1933 - 1939 Acted in 20 films, working with, among others, Jean Gabin, 
   Billy Wilder, and Michele Morgan.

 1937  Georges and Yvette met Yozo Hamaguchi -> spending time with him in Haiti. 
   Yvette was involved with Heroin and Alcohol.

 1938 Returned to Paris; became addicted to Opium.

 1939 Yvette leaves to join her family in New York.

 1940 - 1943 Works as docker and opens a biscuit factory in Marseilles. 

 1941 Joins the Resistance.

 1943 December; arrested by the Gestapo, tortured; sent to a camp near Berlin 
   but freed.

 1945 Devastated by loss of his art work; death of great friend Robert Desnos 
   and in November death of Yvette in New York.

 1946 Started to work again as designer of Book Covers. 
   Met  and her daughter Sonia Niel.
   Had a role in a play by Roger Vitrac alongside Juliette Greco -> and Michel de Re ->.
   Renewed his contacts with Antonin Artaud, Puget and Georges Neveux.
   Sonia encouraged him to start painting again.

 1947  Feb. birth of daughter Monelle. 
   Started A bord du Violon de mer.

 1948 March; death of Antonin Artaud severly depressed him.
   March 18 m. Sonia Niel. 
   Nov. his son Gilles was born.

 1949 Went to live in America; resumed painting.

 ==Later Years==
 1950 April; Birth of Fern then Shayan en ddecember.

 1953 Bought property Shady near Woodstock.

 1956 Nicole.

 1958? Kuala Lumpur.

 1959 Narcissus et Dimanche.

 1961 La Marchande de pomme de terre.

 1966 Won the William and Norma Copley Foundation Award.

 1966 Tribute to the composer Erik Satie.
   Dimanche soir.
   La Demeure de Maurice Ravel.
   La Demeure d'Erik Satie.
    Returned to Paris meeting old friends Claude-Andre Puget, Yozo Hamaguchi, 
    Georges Neveux, Jacques Prevert, Andre Breton, Louis Aragon, 
    Andre Masson, Max Ernst also Patrick Waldberg who organized an 
    exhibition in the Galerie Mona Lisa.

 1970 d.March 22nd. in Paris of a brain hemorrhage.

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