1926 b. 17th. August in Liverpool
   English, Writer, Jazz Musician
 1938 While at Stowe School discovered Rene Magritte - The Rape
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   later that summer purchased Surrealism -> edited by Herbert Read;  
    and published to commemorate the 1936 London International Surrealist Exhibition.

 1944 Together with Tony Harris Reed his anarchist chum, writes to 
   ELT Mesens during his Naval training and receives a reply from 
   Simon Watson Taylor "Secretary to the Surrealist Group in England" 
   inviting him to meetings at Barcelona restaurant in Bleak St. Soho.
   There he met Watson Taylor, his sister Sonja, Jacques Brunius; 
   ELT Mesens, his wife Sonia, Edith Rimmington and Conroy Maddox.

 1945 Involved in a menge-a trois with ELT Mesens and his wife Sybil.

 1955 Met and m. Vicky Vaughn. Seperated after a year.

 1962? Meets Diana Dawson. 

 1963 m. Diana.

 1977? Finishing recording Edward James' recollections for his early biography Swans Reflecting Elephants.

 1982 Swans Reflecting Elephants A Biography of Edward James 
   Meetings with the Birmingham Surrealists in the home of Conroy Maddox

 1997? Don't Tell Sybil - An Intimate Memoir of ELT Mesens. 

 2007? d. July 5th. Shepards Bush, London.

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