1907 b. 06th July Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderan 
   in Coyoacan, Mexico  
   Her parents were of German, Indian and Spanish descent.
   Mexican Painter 

 1913 Contracted polio at the age of six.

 1922 Studied the natural sciences, with the eventual aim of becoming a 
   medical doctor. 
   Alejandro Gomez Arias was her boyfriend.

 1925 Seriously injured in a bus accident, where her spinal column was broken 
   and an iron handrail pierced her abdomen and her uterus. 
   The accident left her in pain and disabled throughout her life and led to 
   many subsequent operations. But while convalescing, she taught herself to paint. 

 1926 First Self Portrait
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 1927 Joined the Mexican Communist Party. 
   Photographer Tina Modotti, introduces her to Diego Rivera.

 1928 Diego incorporates a portrait of Frida into his "Ballad of the Revolution" 
   mural in the Ministry of Public Education. 
   She appears in a panel he calls "Frida Kahlo Distributes the Arms".

 1929 Married Diego Rivera 
   Kahlo was later to say: 
      I suffered two grave accidents in my life. 
      One in which a streetcar knocked me down... The other accident is Diego.

 1930 Abortion.  
   The couple left for San Francisco; then, after a brief return to Mexico, 
   They went to New York. 
   Meets Imogen Cunningham ->, Ansel Adams ->, Edward Weston ->; 
   art patron Albert Bender ->, sculptor Ralph Stackpole ->, 
   and the painter Arnold Blanch -> and his wife Lucile.
   Photographed by Manuel Alvarez-Bravo.

 1931 Dr. Leo Eloesse becomes her friend -> and medical advisor.
   Meets Georgia O'Keeffe and Nickolas Muray

 1932 She has a miscarriage in Detroit. 
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   Frida and Lucienne Bloch  -> travel back to Mexico, where Frida's mother is ill.

 1933 Dec. returns to Mexico to move into the double studio-houses in San Angel 
   designed for them by Juan O'Gorman ->.

 1934 Separates after she discovers that Diego is having an affair with her 
   younger sister Cristina.
   Probable affair with Georgia O'Keeffe.

 1935 A Few Small Nips
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    Travels to New York with Anita Brenner ->and Mary Schapiro 
   (sister of art historian Meyer Schapiro ->; See also ->). 
   By the end of the year she returns to the house in San Angel and she and 
   Diego reconcile. 
   They agree to live separate independent lives. 
   Frida meets the American sculptor [|Isamu Noguchi >]] and has an affair with him. 

 1937 January Affair with Leon Trotsky ->   after he and his wife, Natalia Sedova ->, 
   arrive in Mexico.
   First public show; exhibiting four paintings at the National Autonomous 
   University in Mexico City which were seen by Julien Levy.

 1938 Andre Breton and his wife Jacqueline Lamba visit Mexico
   Jacqueline and Frida ~>.
   Starts affair with Nickolas Muray ->. 
   Edward G. Robinson -> purchases four of Frida's paintings.
   Andre Breton wrote the introduction to her first exhibition at the Julien Levy 
   Gallery in New York. 
   Ãffair with Julien Levy.
   Rememberance of an open wound ->.
   Christmas in Mexico.

 1939 Jan. To New York.
   Invited to Paris by Andre Breton, who together with Marcel Duchamp
   arranged her first exhibition at the Pierre Colle Gallery.
   Nights listening to Jazz at Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit. 
   Feb. Hospitalized, convalesces in the apartment of Mary Reynolds.
   Probable affair with Jacqueline Lamba. (letter: pdf ->)
   Her picture "The Frame" ~>  purchased by The Louvre.

   March; Exhibition. Congratulated by Yves Tanguay?, Joan Miro and 
   Wassily Kandinsky and receives earrings from Pablo Picasso.
   jason Morand aka Ramon Mercader ~> introces himself to her.
   April. Returns to Mexico via New York. 
   Divorces Rivera.

 1940 Questioned over assassination of Trotsky. 
   Travels to San Francisco. Exhibits in New York. 
   In December remarries Rivera.

 1942 Feb. participates in the "Seminario de Cultura Mexicana" 
   (Seminar of Mexican Culture).

 1943 Jan; Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's 
   Art of this Century, New York
   Holds classes in her Coyoacan home. 
   Eventually only four students come regularly: 
   Arturo Garcia Bustos ->, Guillermo Monroy, Arturo Estrada -> and  and Fanny Rabel ->. 
   They become known as "Los Fridos" ->.
   Thinking about Death
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   Jacqueline Lamba stays with her for 7 months.
   The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened ~>

 1945 Lola Alvarez Bravo takes a series of photographs -> of Frida. 
   Meets Sonja Sekula.
   Moses See ->

 1946 Visits with Sekula family.
   Wonded Deer
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 1952 First meets Gisele Freund who stays with her for two years.

 1953 Lola Alvarez Bravo organizes the first solo exhibition of Frida's 
   works in Mexico
   Amputation of her right leg.

 1954 Viva la Vida inscribed.
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   July 13th. d. Coyoacan, Mexico  

   Frida's affairs were numerous and probably included Mari­a Felix ->,  Josephine Baker
   Dorlores del Rio ->, Paulette Goddard -> and Tina Modotti ->. 

   Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo -> -  Hayden Herrera. (2002) 

   See PBS -> and work ->and also ->
   See Photos -> and Museo ->.

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