1907 b. March 13th. in Bordeaux.

    French Painter Surrealiste, amateur de tauromachie, illustrateur et ecrivain.

 1933 Joined the Surrealists.

 1934 Signatory to the Manifesto of 10 Fevrier against rising fascism Appel a la Lutte.

 1939  Organized an Exhibition Le Reve dans l'art et la litterature; among 
   the exhibitors were Victor Brauner, Oscar Dominguez, Esteban Frances, 
   Jacques Herold, Andre Masson, Roberto Matta, Gordon Onslow-Ford?,  
   Wolfgang Paalen, Kurt Seligmann, Yves Tanguy, Raoul Ubac, Remedios Varo.

 1940 Imprisoned by the Germans; released / escaped ?

 1941 Villa Air-Bel Participated in making cards for the Marseille Card Game 
   together  with Andre Breton, Oscar Dominguez, Victor Brauner,    Max Ernst, 
   Jacques Herold, Wifredo Lam, Andre Masson, Jacqueline Lamba.
   Worked at the baking cooperative Croque-Fruits?.

 1943 Hiding at Rodez, at the home of his friend Gaston Ferdiere director 
   of the psychiatric hospital where Antonin Artaud was interned.
   Was employed as an assistant and to paint a mural at Sainte-Anne.
   At  Rodez it was Delanglade who gave Artaud graphite and wax crayons. 

 1944  Received letter from Antonin Artaud.

 1946 The maitre-d'Oe“uvre a large collective fresco for the waithing room of 
    l'Hospital Sainte-Anne in Paris, destroyed during the occupation.
    Participants included Francis Bott, Oscar Dominguez, Maurice Henry, Jacques Herold, 
    Marcel Jean and J. V. Manuel, among others.

 1947 At the request of Andre Breton, he was one of the exhibitors at the 
   exposition internationale du surrealisme at Galerie Maeght.

   Contributed illustrations to l'Apocalypse selon Saint Jean with Salvador Dali, 
   Bernard Buffet ->and Jean Cocteau. 

 1970 d. Avignon.

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