1899? b. March 27th in Montpellier.
   French - Writer and Poet.

   Studies in Paris

   Served in the Army 1918- 19

 1919 Joined the Socialist Party.

 1923 First poems published. Jean Paulhan becomes his mentor.

 1925 Friends with Monny De Boully.

 1929 Signs the 2nd. Surrealist Manifesto.

 1937 Joins the Communist Pary.

 1938 Meets Gerard Vulliamy.

 1941 Correspondence ~> with Joe Bousquet.

 1942 Working for the National Committee of Journalists he was a 
    member of the Resistance.
    Begins Le Savon.

 1943 Introduced to Jean Dubuffet

 1945 Contributes to Portfolio, published by Caresse Crosby.

 1946 Literary and artistic director of the communist weekly L'Action.

 1948 Published La crevette dans tous ses états.
    Illustrated by Gerard Vulliamy.

 1954 Le Soleil placé en abîme illustrated by Jacques Herold

 1963 Published A la rêveeuse material with Henriett Grindat?.

 1967 Le Savon published. See ~>.

 1975?  Published Paroles peintes V with Bona   
    original etchings by Camille Bryen->, Eduardo Chillida ->, 

Philippe Lepatre,

    Joan Miro and Raoul Ubac.

 1988? Aug.6th d. Bar de Loup.

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