1911 b. in New York City.
    the eldest daughter of Eugene Meyer publisher of the Washington Post, and Agnes 
    Ernst Meyer. 
    Her younger sister was the future Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham ->.
    American Portrait Photographer
    Educated Bryn Mawr
    Studied Ballet in the Soviet Union and France.
    Practiced her violin in the studio of sculptor Constantin Brancusi. 
    She later became a dancer.
    Her work included portraits of James Agee, Thomas Mann, Constantin Brancusi, 
    Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland,  Vladimir Horowitz, Lion Feuchtwanger and of fellow 
    photographers Edward Steichen, Walker Evans, and Brassai.

 1937 Man Ray dedicates a copy of Les Main libres to her.
    (a collaboration with Paul Eluard).

 1939 m. the Austrian character actor Oscar Homolka ->.

 1946 Double wedding portraits -> of Man Ray and Juliet Browner, and Max Ernst 
    and Dorothea Tanning.

 1947 Divorces.

 1962? d.  Los Angeles; of obesity and atherosclerosis.

    See Tumblir ->.
    Focus on Art - Florence Homolka published N.Y.: Ivan Obolensky, 1962. Intro. by Aldous Huxley

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