1881? b. in Paris as Amelie Lang.
   French Writer and Model
   One of Pablo Picasso's first mistresses.
 1899? Raped and forced to marry Sunyer.

 1905 Moves in with Pablo Picasso in the Bateau Lavoir.

 1908 Group of Artists by Marie Laurencin. 
Larger ->.
   a group portrait of  Laurencin, Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso and Fernande Olivier.

 1912 Left Picasso for Ubaldo Oppi ->.

 1930's She published six excerpts from a memoir based on her journals. 
   These were stopped by Picasso's threats; he was offended by her revelations of 
    their opium-smoking and generally disorderly life. 

 1933 Publication of the book version, Picasso et Ses Amis. 
   She was a generally astute observer, and they knew everyone from Modigliani to Apollinaire.

 1950's Tried to publish another memoir, again based on her journals, and was again opposed 
   by Picasso, and by the Picasso industry in general.
   She gave French, drawing and diction lessons to survive. 
   Through the offices of friends, Picasso paid her a small pension -- and a million francs 
   not to publish the new work, which came out as Souvenirs Intimes after they 
   were both dead. 

 1996? d. Paris.

   Loving Picasso -> The Private Journal of Fernande Olivier.  Review ->.

   See Timeline