1907 b. Oct 1st in Berlin
   German - Painter and Engraver.

 1926 Studies art history in Zurich.

 1927 Starts painting. First in Milan and then Paris at Académie Ranson.

 1932 Atelier 17 - Stanley William Hayter
   m. Marcelle-Irène Behrendt.

 1935 William Unde ~> buys several of his works.

 1936 First solo exhibition, exhibited at the “Surindépendants” with his friends 
    Hans Hartung ~>, Victor Brauner, and Maria Elena Vieira da Silva ~>.

 1937 Visits New York. Exposition at the galerie Julien Levy.
    Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, and Pierre Matisse.

 1938 Living in Grasse.

 1939 Internment in Camp de Milles.
   Fellow internees are Max Ernst, Hans Bellmer and Wols.

 1940 Returns to Grasse together with Sonia Delaunay, Jean Arp, 
   Sophie Tauber? and Alfredo Magnelli?.

 1942 Flees to Switzerland with Marcelle.
   Prohibited by the auhorities from exhibiting or selling his art.

 1945 Returns to Grasse.

 1946 b. of son, Mathias.

 1989 d. of Irene.

 1998? Dec. 31st. d. Grasse.

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