1898 b. June 5th in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada.
   Spanish poet, dramatist and theatre director.
 1916 First prose works.

 1919 Enrolled in the Residencia de estudiantes in Madrid where he befriended 
   Luis Bunuel , Salvador Dali, and Manuel de Falla ->.

 1925 - 1928 passionate love affair with Salvador Dali possibly unconsummated.

 1926 Rene Iche cast his face. 
   An Ode to Salvador Dali Spanish ~> and English ~>.  

 1927 His second play Mariana Pineda, with stage settings by Salvador Dali 
   opened to great acclaim in Barcelona.
   Part of the group Generation of '27 ->.

 1928 publishes Romancero Gitano (Gypsy Ballads) including ''Romance de la 
   Guardia Civil Espanola see -> Ballard of the Spanish Civil Guard'' See ->.

 1929 Travelled to New York and Havana.

 1931 Appointed as director of a university student theatre company,
    Teatro Universitario la Barraca.

 1932 Play Bodas de Sangre ->.

 1933 Travelled to Buenos Aires.

 1934 Introduced to Roberto Matta when he visited Spain.

 1936 Completed the play La Casa de Bernarda Alba ->.
   August 19th. executed at Fuente Grande, which is on the road between Viznar 
   and Alfacar near Granada.

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