The E. Sussex home of Roland Penrose and Lee Miller and where
  Antony Penrose lived.

 1953 "Working Guests" Lee Miller published Vogue July 1953
  Madge Garland, Professor at the Royal College of Art
  Freddy Ayer, Wykeham Professor of Logic, University of Oxford
  William Turnbull, sculpter
  Reg Butler , Sculpture
  Jo Butler, wife of Reg
  HD Molesworth, Keeper of Sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  Eve Molesworth, wife of HD
  Terry Hamilton, wife of artist Richard Hamilton
  Saul Steinberg, cartoonist
  Vera Lindsay, actress
  Alfred Barr, director Museum of Modern Art
  Susan Gamboa, registrar Tate Gallery
  Roberto Matta, surrealist
  John Craxton, painter, ballet designer

 1953 Christmas Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning,  Antony Penrose, Diane Deriaz, 
  Dominique Eluard, Caroline Eluard, Valentine Penrose, Timmie O'Brian, 
  Terry O'Brian, Patsy Murray, Paula Murray, James Dugan.

  Other guests included Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Max Ernst and Joan Miro
  Paul Eluard, Henry Moore.

  Farley Farm is now a Museum and Archive. See wiki.
  See also Farley┬┤s Yard Trust.

  The Home of The Surrealists  -  Antony Penrose

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