1885? b. October 30th. in Hailey, Idaho Territory.
    American Poet Publisher and Fascist
 1907 engaged to Hilda Doolittle (H.D.).
 1908 Financed by his father,visited Gilbraltar, Tangiers, Cadiz, and Seville. 
    He spent the summer in Venice with the pianist Katherine Ruth Heyman, acting as her manager, 
    July;  self-published his first book of poetry, the 72-page A Lume Spento (With Tapers Spent)
    Aug. moved to London
 1909 meets Dorothy Shakespear daughter of Olivia Shakespear (former mistress to Yeats).
 1914 April m. Dorothy Shakespear.
    contributed to the Rebel Art Center and Wyndham Lewis's literary magazine BLAST.
 1917 Foreign Editor for The Little Review.
 1921 Jan; Moves to Paris.
    He became friendly with Marcel Duchamp, Tristan Tzara, Fernand Leger and others 
    of the Dada and Surrealist movements.
    He met Ernest Hemingway? and his wife Hadley at Sylvia Beach's bookstore and lending 
    library Shakespeare and Company.
    Starts an affair with Nancy Cunard.
 1922 Fall; meets Olga Rudge.
 1924 Moves to Rapallo.
 1925 Establishes two homes, one for Dorothy and one for Olga.
    Olga gives birth to Mary. 
 1926 Dorothy has his son Omar.
 1930 Nancy Cunard and The Hours Press publish A Draft of XXX Cantos.
 1935 By now he was a fascist.
 1941 Denied permission to leave Italy.
 1941 - 1943 Pound made over 120 shortwave radio broadcasts on Rome Radio.
 1943 Olga Rudge joins him and his wife in a menage-a-trois.
 1945 Arrested and transported to America.
 1957 Freed.
 1958? Returned to Italy.
 1972? Nov. 1st. Venice. Buried on the island cemetery of San Michele

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