1929 Nov 1st. - 1931 Spring - a Magazine
    Experiment was initially directed by an editorial group of five: 
    William Empson ~>, who had just completed a mathematics degree at Magdalene and was embarking 
    on the English Tripos; 
    ~>William Hare (the rebellious Viscount Ennismore, removed by his father from Oxford to Magdalene 
    College, Cambridge, to be cured of socialism); 
    Jacob Bronowski ->, studying mathematics at Jesus; 
    Hugh Sykes Davies, reading Classics at St John's; 
    Humphrey Jennings, reading English at Pembroke. 
    Following Empson'€™s dismissal from Cambridge in July, Sykes Davies and Bronowski edited 
    the magazine for a further four numbers; 

 1930 The group published a special edition of transition.

 1931 A relaunch in March signalled the project's natural end.

    Contributors included Julian Trevelyan, George Reavey
    Kathleen Raine and Elsie Phare were the two female contributors to Experiment.

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