1902 b. Switerland ?  
   Swiss Musician and Photographer.

 1931 Around this time meets Alice Rahon in the baths at Baden Baden.
   Met Wolfgang Paalen at a resort in the Baltic and returns to Paris with him.

 1939 Financed and accompanied Alice Rahon and Wolfgang Paalen in a menage a trois 
   to Pacific North West and Alaska.
   Many of the photos she took on this exhibition were later published in DYN.

 1940 Exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition in Mexico City.
   While in Mexico she became close friends with Remedios Varo.

 1942 Butterfly Dreams published in DYN #1.
   Photographed  -> in Mexico city with Paalen and Rahon.

 1943 contributed to DYN double edition. 
   She was a student of Gurdjieff ->.

 1966 Produced a documentary on Remedios Varo.

 1990? d.

   See work -> and also ->.

   See Timeline