1898 b. July 27th. in Eldorado Springs, Missouri 

    Painter and Writer

 1919 moves to New York then Paris.

 1920 performs in a Tristan Tzara Play LECMOM 3rd Diens together with 
   Rene Crevel and Nancy Cunard.

 1922 Played piano at Le Boeuf Sur le Troit. 
    Introduced Nancy Cunard to Solita Solano and Janet Flanner.

 1924 Starts affair with Rene Crevel.

 1925 Acts in Tristan Tzara's Handkerchief of Clouds with Rene Crevel 
    and Nancy Cunard.

 1926 Cover illustrations for Virginia Wolfe's Parallax.

 1927 Finishes with Crevel.

 1933 Returned to New York.

 1950 Wrote the partly autobiographical The Siege of Innocence. 

 1966 d. New York

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