1866?  May 17th. b. Paris
     French, Composer, Musician
  1892 Affair with Suzanne Valadon ->.

  1917 May; Scored his first Ballet.
    Parade -> for Jean Cocteau; including typewriters, sirens, airplane propellors, 
    Morse tickers, lottery wheels and two pianos. 
    Scenario Jean Cocteau; Set, curtain and costumes Pablo Picasso; choreography Massine, 
    performed by Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes.
    Guillaume Apollinaire wrote the program notes and announced 
     This new alliance of all the arts has given rise to a kind of Surrealism.   See ->.

  1918 Friendship with Darius Milhaud.
     The idea behind Les six.

  1919 With Jean Cocteau was the only witnesses to the marriage of Valentine Hugo 
     to Jean Hugo.

  1921 May first perfomance of Le piège de Méduse.

  1922 Collaborates on first edition La Coeur a barbe.

  1923 Soiree La Coeur a barbe.

  1925 d. July 1st. in Paris from cirrhosis of the liver.

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