1874? b. July 12th Elsa Hildegard Plötz in Swinemunde, Germany.

   Her life has been described as unhindered by sanity. (MP3 ->).

 1901 m. August Endell ->.

 1903 affair with Frederick Philip Grove -> 
   and lived and travelled as a menage a trois.

 1910 Followed Grove to America.

 1913 m. Leopold von Freytag-Loringhoven in New York.

 1915 Part of New York Dada.
   Possibly the idea behind Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.
   Affair with Djuna Barnes.

 1919 Portrait -> of Marcel Duchamp. 

 1921 Man Ray film with Marcel Duchamp - 
   Elsa, Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven, Shaves Her Pubic Hair.

 1923 Returned to Berlin.

 1926 April: Arrives in Paris
   Generous friends such as Djuna Barnes, Peggy Guggenheim and 
   Natalie Barney came together and bought her an apartment.

 1927 Poem - A Dozen Cocktails Please ~> - dedicated to Mary Reynolds.
   Dec. 15th d. Paris of suffocation after the gas was left on in her flat.

   See wiki -> and also -> and also ->.

   Posthumous 2011 Body Sweats -> finally publshed.

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