1894 b. Mar 20th in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
   American artist, writer and designer.
 1917 exhibited two paintings, "L'Arlesienne," and "Allegro," in the first annual exhibition 
   of the Society of Independent Artists.

 1918 m. Pierre de Lanux, a French writer, diplomat and former literary 
   secretary to Andre Gide.
   Moved to Paris.

 1919 Sketches inspired by characteurs at Le Boeuf sur le Toit. 
   Meets Natalie Barney
   Meets Louis Aragon possibly at Adrienne Monnier's bookshop. 
   She becomes his secret muse.

 1920 Sept; moved back to New York.

 1921 May; "Outlines of Women," line drawings  exhibited at New York's Kingore Galleries. 
   Portrait of Barney, identified as "Amazone" and also including Marion Tiffany, actress 
   Eva Le Gallienne -> and tennis champion Julie Lentilhon and Adrienne Monnier's sister, Rinette.

 1922 April returns to Paris remeets Aragon.

 1923 Affair Pierre Drieu La Rochelle.

 1924 Affair Natalie Barney.
   Visits the Office of Surrealistic Research and leaves her address with Max Morise.

 1925 Affair with Louis Aragon.
   Late 1920s studies with Constantin Brancusi.

 1927 Starts affair with Evelyn Wyld ~>.

 1938 - 1939 During the Spanish Civil War, Eyre traveled to Spain.

 1943 Jan; Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's 
   Art of this Century, New York.

 1945 Returned to Paris; often seen at the Cafe de Flore in the company of Pablo Picasso
   Constantin Brancusi, Pablo Neruda, the French premier Albert Sarraut ->, 
   and photographer Robert Capa ->.

 1948 Journeyed to Rome. 
   Meets Italian writer, Paolo Casagrande.
   Throughout the 1950s, Eyre visited her widely-scattered loved-ones: 
   Evelyn Wyld at her home "La Bastide" near Nice; Lisette de La Selle in St. Tropez,
   Consuelo Ford in New York, and Alice de Lamar -> in Palm Beach.  

 1961 Moves back to New York.
   Leonor Fini painted a semi-nude portrait of her. 
   Lanux, made a drawing of the lover she shared with Romaine Brooks ->. 
   In Lanux's drawing, Barney reclines, her eyes half-closed, her breasts bared. 

 1996? Aug; d.

   See wiki -> and obituary -> and bio ->.
   See papers ->; and also ~>
   The diaries can also be explicit in describing her encounters with her lovers of the period: 
   Consuelo Urisarri, Natalie Barney, Louis Aragon, and Pierre Drieu La Rochelle
   Eyre's correspondence with her lover and collaborator Evelyn Wyld dates from 1938.

   See Timeline