1906 b. Eisa Binhoff in Vina del Mar, Chile.
    From a well-to-do family of French origin. 
    Chilean Writer and Painter and Pianist and maker of boxes.
    She married Benjamin Claro a politician.

 1942 Her daughter Ximena drowned, after which she tried to commit suicide.

 1943 Met Andre Breton in New York ->.

 1944 She was the inspiration for his book Arcanum 17 - written while Claro and Breton 
    were visiting Canada (c. summer - October).

 1945 m. Breton in Reno. 
    Looked after by Arshile Gorky and his wife, Jeanne Reynal?. 
    Her artworks were and are, rarely exhibited. 
    Her paintings are rare and her writings are few.

 1946 Went to Paris.

 1949 Conversation with Breton and Benjamin Peret on the painter  Riopelle 
    was included in Breton's Surrealism and Painting.

 1959 Her comments and responses were included in publications such as Le Surrealisme, meme no. 5.

 1953 Medium: Communication surrealistewith Anne Seghers? and Toyen.

 1954 collaborated on a number of issues of the surrealist review, Medium: Communication surrealiste. 
    She produced a small but significant oeuvre of intriguing surrealist objects, using 
    everyday found objects and collages, and  collaborated on a number of exquisite corpses 
    and other artworks with Breton and other surrealists. 

 1965 Franklin Rosemont "when my wife, Penelope and I went to Paris 
    to visit Andre Breton, we found that the Surrealist group was still meeting daily at a 
    Les Halles cafe delightfully called La Promenade de Venus. 
    Twenty-five to 50 people attended these lively gatherings each evening. 
    Most of them were in their 30's;  some, like Penelope and myself, were younger. 
    Andre Breton, his wife, Elisa Claro, Jehan Mayoux and the Czech painter Toyen 
    were the only elders among the regulars".

 1993? Her photographs of Breton were gathered together and published in a volume 
    by Les E‰ditions au Fil de l'Encre (Paris).

 1966 death of Breton.

 2000? d. Paris.

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