1879 b. 27th. March in Luxembourg.
    As a child his parents emigrated to the USA  
    American Painter Photographer Patron Gallery Owner.

 1894 Steichen began a four-year lithography apprenticeship with the American Fine 
    Art Company of Milwaukee.

 1895 Buys his first Camera.

 1900 Meets Alfred Stieglitz who praises his paintings.
     Gave up painting for photography; member of .

 1905 Founded gallery "Little Galleries of the Photo Secession" with Alfred Stieglitz.
     Friends with Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Constantin Brancusi in Paris.

 1908 Opening of 291.

 1911 Photos of gowns designed by Paul Poiret in the magazine Art et D├ęcoration.

 1923 Became chief photographer for Conde Nast and art director at Walter Thompson.

 1927 Photographed Lee Miller.

 1928 Iconic photo of Greta Garbo.
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 1973 d. Connecticut.

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