1926 b. in Saint-Leu as Jeannine Raymonde  
    French Trapeze artist and circus performer at the Pindar Circus.    
    She became friends with the whole Pablo Picasso /  Paul Eluard circle.
    She cracked her skull in a fall and retired from the circus.
    Diane who worked among others as a masseuse, medical secretary, chef, 
    secretary of a Japanese philosopher, seller of encyclopedias, translator, 
    actress, Air France hostess ...
    But above all: trapeze artist and "muse" (fr) ~>of the surrealists.

 1940's was a girlfriend of Paul Eluard.

 1948 Tours with Pinder Circus as one of the 'Rainat Girls''.

    Later she was an Air France Hostess and loaned to Japan Air.
    Nicknamed Pucelle. (letters Lawrence Durrell to Henry Miller).

 1950 Part of cabarter at Parisian cabaret Le Bal Taberin.
    Jacques Audiberti ~> dedicated "Joan of Arc" to her (la poucelle).
    The love of her life is the poet Olivier Larronde ~>
 1952 Gives up the Trapeze and  wrestling after a fall. 

 1953 Became mistress of Roland Penrose.
    Dec; at Farley Farm for Christmas  with Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning, 
   Lee Miller, Roland Penrose, Antony Penrose, Dominique Eluard, 
   Caroline Eluard, Valentine Penrose, Timmie O'Brian, Terry O'Brian, 
   Patsy Murray, Paula Murray, James Dugan.

 1954 Her Portrait ~> by Francoise Gilot.

 1960 Photograph ~> by Man Ray.

 1963 Portrait by Francoise Gilot (see Genet by Edmund White pg 509).

 1964 Documentary Portrait souvenir (Fr) ~> by Paul Eluard.

 1968 May 6th. From Lawrence Durrell - Henry Miller letters 1935 - 1980)
    ''see a lot of DD who is also friend of Miriam Cendrars -> 
    (author Dau. of Blaise Cendrars).
    June 22 - waiting on visit from Diane Deriz.

 1970 Lonely Roads: Notes for an unwritten Book - Margaret McCall - IMDB ~> filmed for 
    BBC/Bavarian TV featuring Diane Deriaz, Blanco the Tramp and Lawrence Durrell.

 1980 travelled with Roland Penrose to France, America, Kenya, Sri Lanka.

 1984 visited Seychelles with Roland Penrose.

 1986 Film ->.

 1980 Travelled with Roland Penrose to France, America, Kenya, Sri Lanka.

 1984 Visited Seychelles with Roland Penrose.

 1986 Film ->.

 1988? Publication of La tete a Lenvers.

 1991? see Interview ->.

 2013? d.

   La Tete a Lenvers: Souvenirs D'une Trapeziste Chez Les Poetes -> 
   (Paperback) (1988) with preface by Lawrence Durrell. 

   See IMDB -> and hommage ->.

   See Timeline