1916 b. Oct 10th at Harrow, Middlesex.
   English Poet and Writer

 ==Later Life==

 1924 - 1930  Attends Salisbury Choir School.

 1929 - 1930  First poems published in school magazine.

 1931 - 1932  Student at Regent Street Polytechnic, living in Twickenham.

 1932 Roman Balcony and Other Poems published.

 1933 Opening Day published.
   Travels to Paris. 
   Intrduced to and became friends with Max Ernst, whose book La Femmes de 100 tetes (scribd ~>) 
   he had already purchased.
   Meets Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Philippe Soupault and other surrealists 
   in Paris, where George Reavey introduced him to Julian Trevelyan who gave him 
   the address of Stanley William Haytor's Atelier where he first met Jean Helion, 
   Max Ernst and Pavel Tchelitchew. 
   Oct; First Surrealist Poem written in English And the Seventh Dream is the Dream of Isis.  
   Published in New Verse.
   Purchases le oiseau en foret from Max Ernst
larger ~>
 1934 Frequented the Arts Cafe at 1 Parton St. London.

 1935 May; Publishes First English Surrealist Manifesto in Cahiers d'Art.
   Returns to Paris to work on A Short Survey of Surrealism. 
   Frequently attends the evening meetings in Cafe Cyrano where Breton held court.
   Published with a dust jacket by Max Ernst. 
((larger ->)
   In correspondence with Paul Eluard who introduces him to Salvador Dali and is 
   commissioned to translate his Conquest of the Irrational into English.
   July ~ Meets Roland Penrose. 
   August ~ Returns to England.

   Around this time he had a possible affair with Sheila Legge who assisted 
   in the organizing of the International Surrealist Exhibition

 1936  Starts an affair with the French writer Roland Cailleux ~>.
   Helps organize the International Surrealist Exhibition held at the 
   Burlington New Galleries with Hugh Sykes Davies, Humphrey Jennings, 
   Rupert Lee, Diana Brinton Lee, 
   Henry Moore, Paul Nash, Roland Penrose, Herbert Read.
   Rescued Salvador Dali from his diving suit.
   Joined the Communist Party of Great Britain. 
   Acquaintance with  Roger Roughton.
   Become friends with Charles Madge and through him became involved in the 
   Mass Observation movement with Tom Harrisson and Humphrey Jennings and 
   Julian Trevelyan.
   Translates Andre Breton : What is Surrealism?.
   Man's Life is this Meat published by the Parton Street Press. 
   In the Parton Street cafe, he mixed with teenage radicals brought on by the 
   publisher David Archer; a feisty group including  Esmond Romilly -> and Philip Toynbee ->. 
   His closest friend was George Barker ->.
   Sept; Signed Declaration on Spain.
   Oct / Nov Travelled from Paris with Roland Penrose and 
   Valentine Penrose to Spain and broadcast some radio talks for the 
   Barcelona-based propaganda ministry but quickly became disillusioned and left 
   the organization.
   Nursed by Valentine for pneumonia, she introduces him to the poems of 
   Federico Garcia Lorca that she had translated.

 1937 Working on several unpublished projects.

 1937 - 1939 Friendships with Dylan Thomas ->, Julian Trevelyan, 
   Kathleen Raine ->,Antonia White -> and 
   Norman Cameron ->, 
   who introduced him to American poetry, which he found 
   more exciting than English poetry. 
   Anais Nin, Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller were also among his 

 1938 Hoelderlin's Madness published which established his reputation.
   Requiem written for Priaulx Rainer ->; 

 1940 Translates Gisele Prassinos.

 1941 Cook aboard a coastal vessel, joins ENSA ->, tours with Theatre Company.

 1942 Contributes to Poets of Tomorrow - Third Series.

 1943 Poems 1937 - 1942 published; illustrated by Graham Sutherland.

 1947 Returns to Paris for a year. 
   He was "excommunicated" from the group by Andre Breton who, after reading 
   his Ecce Homo, accused him of being a Roman Catholic.
   Publishes September Sun ->.

 1950 Hole in the Wall or Talk, Talk, Talk (play) performed in London. 
   A Vagrant and Other Poems published.

 1951 Awarded a Guggenheim fellowship.

 1952 Thomas Carlyle published.

 1954 - 1964 Living in Aix-en-Provence.

 1955 Night Thoughts commissioned and broadcast by the BBC.

 1956 Night Thoughts published. Dust jacket by Julian Trevelyan.
   This later work moved away from surrealism towards a more metaphysical and 
   religious poetry. 
   Premiered of Requiem.

 ==Later Life==
 1961 Thirty paintings exhibited at the home of the Countess of Moray in 
   Ebury Street, London.

 1964 After suffering a mental breakdown, Gascoyne returned to England 
   and spent the rest of his life on the Isle of Wight.

 1965 Collected Poems published.

 1970 Sun at Midnight and Collected Translations published.

 1975? m. Judy Lewis. 
   It was in Whitecroft Hospital on the Isle of Wight that Gascoyne met his wife: 
   Judy explains:
   One of my favourite poems was called September Sun. I read it one afternoon and 
   one of the patients came up to me afterwards and said 'I wrote that', I put my 
   hand on his shoulder and said 'Of course you did, dear'. Then of course when I 
   got to know  him I realised he had.
   Takes part in Cambridge Poetry Festival.

 1976 Three Poems published.

 1978? Paris Journal 1937 - 1939 published.

 1979 Attends the first International Poetry Festival in Rome.

 1980 Journal 1936 - 1937 published. Early Poems published.

 1981 Attends Cambridge Poetry Festival.

 1982 Visits Genova, Italy for presentation of the prize "Premio Biella - 
   Poesia Europa" for his poem La Mano del Poeta.

 1984 Journals published in French translation. 
   Five Early Uncollected Poems published.

 1985?  Translated Magnetic Fields first written and published 
   by Philippe Soupault 
   and Andre Breton in 1920.

 1988? Collected Poems 1988 published.

 1991? Collected Journals 1937 - 1942 published.

 1993? Lawrence Durrell published.

 1994? Three Remanences published. Selected Poems published.

 1996? Awarded the Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres. 
   Selected Verse Translations published.

 1997? Selected Essays published.
    Translates and publishes The Automatic Message together with 
    Anthony Melville? and Jon Graham; written by Philippe Soupault, 
    Paul Eluard and Andre Breton.

 2001? April published.

 2001? d. November 25th. Isle of Wight.

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